I am : Kiran J Isac still 18 ,feeling enthusiastic ,wanna be a physicist ;very interested to code and explore the reality the entire universe and the technology comprises of == strange and incredible principles ; Truely believe that there exists divine and demonic power that can influence humans in its own way
I am doing "BCA" + "CloudComputing" in Bangalore ,India
wanna begin to learn "machine learning" as soon as possible
>>> import my_likes as likes
>>> fav=likes.Languages
>>> print(fav) ['python' ,'Javascript']
>>> exit()
I myself truely believe: -In Science and In the existence the Supernatural power in the universe. -That We are indebted to sustain the humanity and the coming generations as a part of the unimaginably larger cosmos
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Hi , Let us try Blogging ,Let us impart the knowledge ,Let us build the ourselves
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welcoming Friends
Hi friends , I created this blog section for you friends to share your knowledge with the friends. I guess it will be useful and it doesn't mean that it has to be a formal blog page. I created just for you to share your knowledge with the subjects we have suppose In class Teacher teaches something which is a hard topic and if you have any simple ideas or logic regarding that you can mention this here . If so we together can change the way we think can be partaking in imparting the knowledge and truth.... Thank you friends .. -by kiran j isac see more..